How long has Gym Equipment Services been in business?
Gym Equipment Services opened in 2004. Since then we have steadily been growing and are currently one of the largest fitness equipment service providers in the Chennai area.
Does Gym Equipment Services offer any warranty on their work?
Gym Equipment Services offers a 3 month guarantee on all of the work performed. If a unit malfunctions with the same problem within 3 months of us performing the work, we will return at no charge. If there is a new problem, the warranty does not cover it. All parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on the maker of your equipment, it will determine how long the parts warranty is. The normal parts warranty is anywhere between 90 days to 1 year.
What to expect during a preventative maintenance service?
Depending on the size of your facility you can expect to see between 1 and 4 technicians arrive on site to perform your maintenance service. During a Preventative Maintenance service, each piece of equipment will have all of the factory recommended maintenance performed, and in addition to the factory recommended maintenance each technician will perform the Gym Equipment Services Maintenance Service. We will also clean each piece of equipment inside and out to ensure there is no dust that can cause premature wear and tear on mechanical components or cause short circuits on electrical components.
At the end of the maintenance service you will receive a Gym Equipment Services work order. This will explain all of the work performed and give you an itemized summary of any parts that are needed for your equipment. A copy of the work order is given to the service manager and if any parts are needed he will contact you with the pricing for your approval.
What brands does Gym Equipment Services?
Gym Equipment Services every major brand of equipment currently on the market.
How fast can Gym Equipment Services get a technician to me?
Gym Equipment Services has a 24-hour guaranteed response time. You can book a service call and know that we will be there within 1 business day.
What types of payments does Gym Equipment Services accept?
We strive at making the entire process as easy as possible. We accept a variety of payment methods so that our customers have as many options as possible. Gym Equipment Services accepts Cash, Cheque, Debit/Credit Cards and Internet Banking,.

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